RBI Professional Arborist Supplies

Catalog Design, Photo retouch, Illustration, Copywriting


RBI-Catalog Design Arborists ShelterTree Cover
RBI Climbing line chart inside Arborist Catalog
RBI Arborist Climbing Lines

RBI Arborist Catalog Design

RBI contracted with NFUSION to redesign their Arborist catalog. They were looking for a fresh look that better aligned with their end-users. At the same time, they had recently purchased a retail company and we were able to merge the two companies’ offerings together for the first time. The final piece showcases all their vendors and highlights some of their customer’s testimonials as well. 

Design needs are unique

Some clients need a designer on a particular project, while others may prefer an ongoing contractor relationship. To accommodate my customers, NFUSION Design offers a variety of services for competitive rates whether that’s ongoing contract work or a flat rate for individual projects. 

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