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This year I decided to try something new and offer my designs for personal use… I’ve always been a list maker – they bring me such satisfaction and frankly, they help me sleep better too! They help keep you accountable for your life and financial goals, organize your chores, keep up with life’s events, and motivate you to keep moving in the right direction.

Most bundles include:
• Cover
• Spines available in 4 sizes
• Organizer motivational page
• Year-at-a-Glance with Holidays
• Six-month Calendar (2 pages)
• Important Dates
• Goals for the year
• This Month
• Monthly Priority Task List
• Monthly Goals
• This Week including Daily Habits and Objectives
• Weekly Goals (2 up on a page)
• Goal Actions
• Weekly Gratitude Jar
• Today including Priority items, Wellness, To-Do list, and Schedule
• Daily Task List with Priority Stars
• Daily Priority List with Top 3, Daily Tasks, Follow-up, Schedule, Reminders, and Clean/Organize list
• Emergency contacts
• Medical List
• Medicine Tracker
• Babysitter Notes
• Pet Sitter Notes
• Passwords List
• Activities Calendar
• School Information
• School Classes
• Chores List
• Chores List (2 up on a page)
• Bill Tracker
• Debt Payment Tracker
• Paycheck Budget
• Weekly Cleaning Planner (planned)
• Cleaning Schedule (open)
• Grocery List (open)
• Grocery List (itemized)
• Weekly Meal Planner (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) with conversions
• Weekly Meal Planner (open) with conversions
• Weekly Meal Planner (no lines with shopping list)
• Weekly Menu Planner (no lines with shopping list)
• Potluck Sign Up
• Snack Sign Up

There’s a little bit of everything in these bundles. It’s a great way to get your life more organized. My ultimate goal is to help you spend less time worrying and more time LIVING! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions

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Design needs are unique

Some clients need a designer on a particular project, while others may prefer an ongoing contractor relationship. To accommodate my customers, I offer a variety of services for competitive rates whether that’s ongoing contract work or a flat rate for individual projects. 

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